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Members of:
ACADA, Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association
Marine Renewables Canada


Brezo Energy Inc., headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, is a company created by a group of Canadian and European visionaries in the renewable energy sector.

The bond we have built is based on our common appreciation of using technical knowledge for the advancement of a sustainable economy.

Iván Barroeta
Photo taken at Gateway Wetlands and Conservation Area, nature preserve in Oromocto, NB, August 2020.

Iván Barroeta is the Chief Executive Officer of Brezo Energy

He brings with him over three decades of experience in creating technological solutions and bringing them to market. He has a vigorous passion for strengthening the Atlantic Canadian economy and recognizes the importance of a green future for the coming generations. His focus is on leading a strong marine renewable energy sector in the Atlantic region.

Ivan is an active member of the Marine Committee at the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association, a member of Marine Renewables Canada, and a Mentor with Futurpreneur Canada. His commitment of being involved in the community expands to his daily life by supporting locally owned shops in every way he can.

A Canadian by choice, he has lived in a number of provinces across the country, but quickly fell in love with the East Coast charm. He planted his roots in Lincoln, New Brunswick; a peaceful spot in between Fredericton and Oromocto, and has had the privilege of watching his children attend Canadian schools from elementary all the way into college and university, and his three grandchildren be born and raised in a country he is immensely proud to be a citizen of.

The focal point of his current work is to secure that Atlantic Canada is a strong force in the generation of sustainable energy, for the future of our youth.

Jaime Moreu
Jaime Moreu, introducing the initial concept of the RDS Floater at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, 2018.

Jaime Moreu, Chairman, Brezo Energy, Inc.

Jaime is a Naval Engineer with a decade of experience at Seaplace where, in addition to ships and platforms for the Ofshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind, he was involved in the design of a floating tidal energy turbine, application in the Strait of Florida, or floating docks for manufacturing concrete caissons. With experience in structural design, structural analysis and hydrodynamics, Jaime has also developed new methods for the cost-efficient manufacture of large structures.

He is responsible for the primary structural design of the RDS and developing its intellectual property portfolio. Jaime holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a 5-year Bachelor of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering degree from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

A part-time lecturer at the UPM, Jaime believes a profound interconnection between industry and academia is needed to maximize the impact of science and engineering on society and the environment.

What we do

Brezo Energy - EPCi

Brezo Energy, Inc. is a Canadian Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation (EPCI) company formed to commercialize a new floater design for offshore wind farms.

We have created, developed, and commercialized technologies in the marine renewables sector. We believe in the eventual convergence of floating offshore wind, solar, green hydrogen, and energy storage.

These technologies are still in an early stage, some have been tested, while others are still to be demonstrated. That’s the case with our Sea-Breeze Tech demonstration project. We have a floating platform that can significantly reduce the costs of energy generation, and at the same time create a large number of jobs in Canada.

Brezo Marine Services

Design, construction, and services for high-tech vessels specifically designed for:

Brezo Marine Services includes:
  • Ship Design
  • Transformation
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Advanced Analysis & Simulations
  • Metocean Consultancy Services
  • Marine Operations
  • Marine Services
  • Dynamic Positioning Services
  • Fleet Technical Management

Our company

We are pleased to inform the public of our values, and how we envision our relationship with our co-workers, suppliers, and our neighbours in general. Our collective actions as a company are guided by these statements.

Iván Barroeta
Brezo Energy
September 2020

Our relationship with commercial fisheries
Participation of Indigenous Communities
Diversity and Gender Equality






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